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James Herman


James Robert Herman was born in New York City in 1934. 

He earned his BFA in Sculpture and Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University in 1961, and his MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in 1962. 


After assisting and apprenticing for sculptors Clark Winter and Theodore Roszak, James went on to teach at Rosary Hill College, SUNY Buffalo, and the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he was also the Director of the Bevier Gallery. 

As a sculptor, James produced art in welded steel, aluminum and plexiglass.  When he (like so many artists in the 1980s) lost his SoHo New York City loft, James shifted his focus to drawings and paintings. 


He moved to Kentucky in 1991 and was inspired by the local history and landscape to paint in earnest.  James's painting was based on the conceptual space management techniques that he had employed in his sculpture as well as the Albers Color Theory.

James died in 2004, and his estate is managed by his family. Please contact us for information regarding the acquisition of affordable art featured on this website.

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